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Cigars of the Year, a Photo Essay

As May approaches the horizon, I wanted to take a look at the more memorable smokes of this year. It’s been an exciting 2019, and we’ve found some excellent new sticks at Stogies and Mash. Getting out to events, tasting and lighting up new cigars, it’s part of our passion for the gentleman’s vice. 2019 has opened us up to some premium items to enjoy. I wish there were a cigar version of the World of Whiskie’s we attended last month, but alas not here. I think another trip to the Big Smoke is in order in 2020; we’ll keep you all posted.

The Sticks: Our Cigars of the Year

First on our list has to be the Atabey Cigars we had at their event in February on the coldest day of the year here in Chicago. They’ve always been one of our number one sticks to buy and to smoke, no wonder it’s one of our cigars of the year. This winter brought a three-way split on a box between myself, Chris, and our good friend, Doctor Jon. There is a strict count on how many go in and out of my locker, but you can bet I will probably run out before the end of the year. They paired nicely with the scotch we drank that evening, but the draw is so perfect, and the flavor is so smooth. Hell, I can drink it even with a sweeter run or cognac or red wine and still enjoy every puff.

While Atabey gets special attention because of just how exceptional they are, there are more to list. The images in the slideshow below are some of our favorite cigars from 2019 so far. Feel free to browse and enjoy and read more on what we’ve experienced with each photo. If you have questions on any, please comment below. Also please remember to subscribe!

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