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Episode 2 – Wild Turkey In The House

Well, you’ve lasted this far and decided to tune back in for our second episode. I’d ask what the hell is wrong with you, but I think it’s rude...

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Episode 1 – In The Beginning…Bourbon

Apple Pie. Denim. Bourbon. They’re pretty much interchangeable with the good ‘ole Red, White and Blue and for folks like us there’s no doubt bourbon is the essential American...

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Behind The Mic

Chris Clepp

Show Host

From cigars to bourbon, if you name it, Chris has probably had it before. A Financial Adviser by day, he is a strong believer that nothing ends the day better than a dram and a smoke.

Joe Johnson

Show Host

From the first cigar at 19 to the recent Cigar Smoking World Championship, Joe has loved cigars most of his adult life. Be they from that island south of Miami or elsewhere, for Joe there is nothing that beats a full-bodied stogie.

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