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Mash Bill Visualization

Mash Bill Breakdown – Lifeblood of Bourbon

January 21, 2019
Joe Johnson
Blog, Educational, Featured

Let’s clear the air: the difference between bourbon, scotch, and rye isn’t just about where they’re made. Though Kentucky is famous for bourbon and Scotland is king of scotch, the biggest difference lies in the mash bill and what the distiller does once it’s out of the vat.

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Bottled in Bond Bottles

Bottled-in-Bond Part 1 – Taxes and Death

January 14, 2019
Chris Clepp
Blog, Educational, Featured

In Episode 1 we talked a little bit about the bottled-in-bond designation and its history. Born of the snake oil and bathtub distillate in the 19th century, the program was a collaboration. It brought together private distillers and the US Department of the Treasury in the late-1800s to solve this crisis. The Dark Ages of…

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