Bourbon and Cigars – Welcome

I get it: bourbon can be a pretty daunting thing to ponder and explore. There’s the sunk cost of the bottles, the high per-pour prices at bars and restaurants, and the “snob tax” of people overthinking their drinks. Cigars are even worse a minefield: the wide variety of brands, the confusing names, styles, and packaging; and let’s not forget the embargo. There are 163 million results in Google for “bourbon,” so it makes you wonder: where can I start? That’s what we’re here to do, to give you the tools you need to explore our two favorite vices together: bourbon and cigars.

Stogies and Mash is a bourbon and cigar blog and podcast for beginners. We teach you where to start with your exploration, first bottles to try or cigars to smoke, and where to source them. Through the progressive growth of our articles, you’ll move from a newbie to an anorak in no time. Within a year, we’ll have you drinking an iron dram with the best of them!

Both Bourbon and Cigars

Sometimes we’ll throw in things about other spirits or wine, but our core goal is to teach you everything we know about bourbon and cigars. In the end, we hope to leave you an expert all on your own. Expect weekly tips, pointers, and histories of both spirits and cigars, along with bi-weekly episodes of our podcast.

The Podcast

The show is a roundtable of our hosts and our guests trying and exploring the very core of bourbon and cigar experiences. Sometimes some current events or politics might slip in, but it’s really just friends enjoying our favorite pastimes. Join us while you listen in and learn something along the way.

Welcome to the world of bourbon and cigars, and the beginning of a life-long passion. I’ve never met someone who’s half-interested in either vice, only those who love them dearly. Together, we’ll get you on board and ready to explore a brave new world on your own. All aboard!

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Whether you’re a bourbon or cigar novice or an expert in either, our podcast is here to help you learn more about your passion and where to go next. Follow along with us as we explore the intricacies and nuances of our shared loves.

Published bi-weekly, the crew gets together to discuss spirits, smokes, and more in a group setting. Join our group of friends and drink or smoke along with us!

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