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Chris Clepp

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Joe Johnson

Show Host

It started with a freebie from a customer in 2005; a late-night call to help close out a cash register led to a free box of Montecristo Whites. The midnight support calls and weekend training sessions with liquor and tobacco store customers brought tips of cigars and fine wines and spirits that woke up a passion for all three.

Joe works for the best cloud and managed services provider in the world as well as runs his own consulting and new venture coaching firm based in Chicago. It almost ended with a passing fancy for becoming a Somm, but who wants to be that pretentious?





About Our Show

Apple Pie. Denim. Bourbon. They’re pretty much interchangeable with the good ‘ole Red, White and Blue. For folks like us, there’s no doubt bourbon is the essential American liquor. A variety of whiskey, bourbon takes its name from Bourbon County, Kentucky. You know — the home of thoroughbred horses and Bluegrass. Combine some classic Kentucky music and horse racing with bourbon and we’re there! But, in all honesty, we’d take the bourbon regardless.

Cigars have a long and interesting history. They have been around for well over a thousand years, although not in their present form. Wikipedia defines a cigar as being a tightly wound bundle of tobacco that is ignited so that the smoke can be drawn into the mouth. This was, in fact, all that cigars were for many years. They are thought to have been invented by the ancient Mayans, who wrapped the tobacco in either palm or plantain leaves.

We’re not experts, but we do have a great deal of our knowledge of Bourbon, cigars, or other fine spirits to share with people who want to learn more about our passions. This isn’t our day job, it’s just a hobby; but it’s one we’ve spent years crafting and honing.

The purpose of Stogies and Mash it to try and help out those who are just beginning to learn about our passions, those who have questions and don’t know where to begin. Through our episodes we’ll teach you the ins and outs of Bourbon, cigars, and fine spirits in a way that fits every budget and taste. Whether you’ve been smoking for years or you’ve never even had a drop of Jim Beam, there’s something for you in our show.

Join us and listen as we explore the vices of our lives from the very beginning.

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We had to pick a delivery platform for our podcast, one we trusted implicitly to bring our show to our listeners. CacheFly was the pioneer in both distributing and supporting podcasts globally, a distinction we recognized early on in our process.

Their early sponsorships of Diggnation, Revision3, and TWiT helped rapidly morph Podcasts into the standard that they are today. Fast-Forward 11 years, and they’re still leading the charge, with everything from byte-range logs (For IAB compliant reporting) to their now 40+ Global PoPs.

As a podcaster, our content is everything, and there’s nowhere else we want our content to live.

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Published bi-weekly, the crew gets together to discuss spirits, smokes, and more in a group setting. Join our group of friends and drink or smoke along with us!


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