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World of Whiskies at Binny’s

Stogies and Mash had an opportunity to attend the World of Whiskies at Binny’s in March. A premier event for lovers of all things whiskey, whisky, and bourbon, World of Whiskies is hosted every year the night before WhiskyFest in Chicago.

With all of those liquor companies in town for WhiskyFest, the community gathers each year at Binny’s to celebrate the night before. Sometimes, vendors come in and don’t even go to WhiskyFest, opting just to attend World of Whiskies, instead.

The very best in bourbon, whiskey, and several other spirits come together in one place and display their work. For us, it’s a chance to meet with our favorites, like New Riff, Bruichladdich, and the Macallan Estate.

Cherish and Joe enjoy some Bruichladdich at Biggs Mansion

The World of Whiskies Event

Unlike WhiskyFest, the World of Whiskies by Binny’s is only $75/person to attend and has a broader selection to taste. At $275/person for WhiskyFest, you can not only visit but have enough to buy a couple of bottles at the end of the night.

We left with our favorite new bourbon by New Riff, their bottled-in-bond offering is a fitting successor to their OKI brand. There are now two sitting on my whiskey shelf at home, surprising since I don’t like high-rye content.

You also always end up meeting people and building relationships, too, at these events. Chris and I met up with our friends from Bruichladdich and Macallan and sampled some of their wares. We also met a few of their friends at the event.

We spoke briefly with friend-of-the-show, Cookie Dai, to get his take on World of Whiskies. “There’s so much to choose from, I can’t even begin. Tomorrow I’m going to pay for tasting so much, but it’s worth it!”

In the end, you get the kind of access to product, to experts, and to taste and enjoy things you’d typically never try at World of Whiskies. The crowd is welcoming, the mood light, and the bottles pour generously for a tasting.

Next year, be sure to check it out and give us a shoutout so we can meet. Tickets are $75 and worth every penny!

World of Whiskies always brings out the interesting pours

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