Bourbon Delivery: Mail-Order Wonder

Have you ever wished your favorite bourbon could be delivered right to your door? What could be better than the UPS driver arriving with your latest bourbon delivery from Kentucky, fresh from the distillery? According to the Herald-Dispatch, the distillers of Kentucky may soon be able to do just that with a new piece of legislation pending in the Kentucky House.

One of the best parts of my recent trip to Bardstown, Kentucky was the shopping. Being able to buy some of the bottles that are hard to find back home in Chicago was outstanding. The big distilleries chose not to compete with local stores, however, and marked up the bottles significantly. The allure of getting a bottle right from the source was worth the expense, though, and made a great keepsake. We drove back home with a dozen bottles that served as souvenirs or treats for special occasions.

The Breakdown on Bourbon Delivery

If Kentucky joins the other states that allow shipping of liquor to other states, you soon could enjoy the same. On Monday you could want to have a nice bottle of Old Weller, and by Friday it could be in hand. This disruption to the distribution model of liquor could also allow small distilleries to compete. Some, like the Abraham Lincoln Straight Bourbon by Boundary Oak Distillery, are not available from Chicago retailers. As a small, family-owned company, they would now have access to the national market overnight. Bourbon lovers get bourbon delivery and distilleries get new customers; it’s winning all around!

Up next is the debate in the Kentucky House over the original bill. Then, a discussion can start over adding the provisions for interstate bourbon shipments. Hopefully, someday soon, we’ll have access to all of Kentucky’s wonderful spirits! And then the wide-range of products offered from the state can be available everywhere.

Abraham Lincoln Bourbon

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