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  • Bourbon Delivery: Mail-Order Wonder

    Bourbon Delivery: Mail-Order Wonder

    Have you ever wished your favorite bourbon could be delivered right to your door? What could be better than the UPS driver arriving with your latest bourbon delivery from Kentucky, fresh from the distillery? According to the Herald-Dispatch, the distillers of Kentucky may soon be able to do just that with a new piece of […]

  • Bottled-in-Bond Part 1 – Taxes and Death

    Bottled-in-Bond Part 1 – Taxes and Death

    In Episode 1 we talked a little bit about the bottled-in-bond designation and its history. Born of the snake oil and bathtub distillate in the 19th century, the program was a collaboration. It brought together private distillers and the US Department of the Treasury in the late-1800s to solve this crisis. The Dark Ages of […]